How We Do It

 Our Approach

We believe that everyone has vast untapped potential and that ordinary people can create extraordinary results.

We understand that the intrinsic energy for change comes from our clients and is fueled by our partnership.

We value and build awareness of multiple forms of intelligence including emotional intelligence.

We focus on making an exceptional difference through what we know: theory, the real world and ourselves.

We bring an integral lens; whole-person, whole-system approach.

We deliver creative, results-oriented learning forums that ensure a high return on client investments.

We think that trust is foundational and bring high level professionalism and confidentiality.

Our Mission

To evolve conscious, competent, collaborative leadership
by transforming potential into skillful action.

Our Principles

Client focusthe client comes first, always

Collaborative Perspectivesum is greater than the parts. Share, improvise, and build energy in the engagement process

Commitment to Excellencebalance short-term goals with the long-term common good. People, planet, and profit

Reflective Practice – inquire, observe, listen, combine action with reflection

Authentic Engagement – examine assumptions, challenge thinking, foster courageous, compassionate conversations

Full Integrity – embody highest standards, honor commitments

Continuous Learning – assess, understand, integrate, and adapt best practices

Integral Presence – wholehearted; offer full-attention



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