What Clients Say

What Clients Say About Our Leadership Coaching, Strategic Facilitation
and Leadership Training Programs

“I recommend Colette and her coaching work every opportunity I get. So many of us in health care who end up being leaders, and want so badly to do the right thing, are hampered by our lack of training in how to use what we have. Some of the finest intentioned people fail to accomplish what they are capable of ONLY because they needed to develop their natural abilities. I am so grateful for her coaching.”
– Catherine Wheeler, MD, University of Utah School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Insight Shift helps organizations and leaders go from apathetic to energetic. Without reservation I offer my recommendation of Colette Herrick.”
– John C. Nelson, MD, MPH, Former American Medical Association President, Chief Medical Officer, Leavitt Partners, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Based on my experience of Ms. Herrick working with our team at a challenging time, I would not hesitate to use her services again and she would immediately come to mind as a valuable resource for a colleague who needed professional coaching.”
– Larry Kraiss, MD, Professor and Chief, Department of Vascular Surgery, University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, Utah

“As the Chief Nursing Officer of Primary Children’s Medical Center, I began working with Colette Herrick  when I transitioned to my current position. Colette has been an exceptional leadership coach. She put me at ease right from our very first meeting discussing my strengths and opportunities. She has been an amazing confidant for both struggles in this new role, as well as the celebrations of my success.” I believe the success I am experiencing as a Chief Nursing Officer, is in large part due to my work with her.”
– Judy L. Geiger, RN BSN, MBA, Chief Nursing Officer, Primary Children’s Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Your coaching was invaluable to me.  I was at a bit of a crossroads in my career and did not see myself progressing.  During the coaching sessions and after, I was able to really think about a variety of challenges and new ways to meet those challenges.  I was able to identify my strengths and still refer to those when I am conflicted about a situation or want to strike out in a new direction.  Colette’s coaching not only continues to work for me in my professional life but my personal life as well.  I will forever value the year of coaching sessions and will refer people to her who are searching for new ways of engaging as a leader.”
– Sandra L. Smith, PhD, APRN, NNP-BC Associate Professor, University of Louisville, School of Nursing, Louisville, Kentucky

“Insight Shift’s pragmatic approach is short on mumbo jumbo and long on permanent transformation. They produced real results—and not only for our bottom line. It’s been like having an unlimited 401k for the heart and soul of our company.”
–  Peter Cole, Founding Partner, Squatters Pub Brewery, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Working with Colette was a meaningful and valuable experience. She is authentic and has tremendous integrity. She guided my team toward greater productivity and more effective working relationships while working with me as a leadership coach. Coaching was transformational to my leadership performance. She brings  a whole toolkit and the impact on our team learning was profound. ”
– Nancy Michalko, former Vice President, Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah

“My coaching experience was very productive and helped me take my managerial skills to a higher level. This is especially important in the medical field where one day we find ourselves as a chief resident or fellow, and the next day an attending professor and our leadership skills become critical to our success. Coaching helped me make this transition with more sophistication by revealing my ‘blind spots’ and improving my relationship skills with co-workers.  I’d recommend Insight Shift to anyone who is interested in developing more sophisticated leadership skills and using them in a managerial role.”
Anonymous, Physician and Surgeon, University of Utah Health Sciences Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

“I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to work with you this year, Colette.  I never imagined working with you as a coach would be so enlightening and valuable. The personal discoveries and insights I gained in the coaching program with you have elevated my leadership to a new level. I will be referring other nurse leaders to you for leadership coaching.”
– Todd Neubert, MSN, LDS Hospital Nurse Administrator, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Insight Shift’s distinctive, results-oriented work with individual leaders and organizations has contributed to enhancing our work culture, employee satisfaction and bottom-line results. They coached our nurse leaders and facilitated a very successful project focused on creating a healing environment that in part contributed to a reduction of nurse turnover from 29% to 8%.”
– Pauli Marr, Former CNO, St. Mark’s Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Your very skillful and caring coaching during a significant professional transition in my life helped me to envision the future, identify my strengths and move forward to create bold changes that have paid off both personally and professionally. Thank you!
– Vanessa Laurella, Ph.D., Director of Pro-Health Lab, Park City Medical Center, Park City, Utah

“Coaching has had a powerful effect on my life, my personal development, and the organization for which I am privileged to work. I am grateful for the time I spent with Colette Herrick going through the executive coaching experience.”
Teresa Garrett, MS RN, Chief Public Health Nursing Officer, Utah Department of Health,, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Coaching has helped me develop real and invaluable leadership skills.  I am a much better listener, and more confident and capable in challenging conversations. I only wish I could have learned what I have in this coaching program, decades ago.”
– Terry Prater, Director of PACU, St. Mark’s Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah

“The bottom-line is that I experience more joy, energy and depth in my life. I am more responsive with others, more aware, and have achieved significant professional goals. Thank you for the work you do.”
– Carlotta Veasey, APRN, Small Business Owner, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Colette has a national reputation as an executive coach and has worked with Intermountain in helping us grow and develop our nursing leadership.”
– Nancy Nowak, Former Vice-President of Clinical Operations and CNO, Intermountain Health Care, Salt Lake City, Utah

Colette’s effectiveness in being able to influence leadership and organizational growth is commendable. She brings a resourceful, creative and solutions-oriented approach to her work with individuals and organizations. I¹ve participated in valuable strategic planning sessions that she has facilitated and have had a positive effect on our team and leadership strengths, skills and goals. Recently I took part in an insightful three-day training program Colette offered to mostly physician and nurse leaders. I was immediately able to apply what I learned to advance programmatic initiatives in new and invigorating ways.
– Anita Kinney, PhD, RN. Jon & Karen Presidential Professor in Cancer Research,  Department of Internal Medicine and Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Your work over one year, with the University of Utah Hospital and Clinics and College of Nursing produced collaboration and synergy between these two organizations and is helping to build a great future for nursing and ultimately for our patients.”
– Jadie Barrie, Former CNO & Associate Administrator, University of Utah Hospital and Clinics, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Colette  is a skillful facilitator who listens carefully, plans collaboratively and executes beautifully. I look forward to working with her again.”
– Maxine Margaritis, Executive Director, American Red Cross in Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah  

Comments from participants at Microsoft Latin America, Management Summit in Punt Cana, Dominican Republic:

  • I enjoyed working with everyone is such an upbeat way
  • Congratulations, great communications skills and adaptability with different teams from different companies, countries, and cultures
  • The small breakout groups were very effective, this was a very interactive workshop and you gained good commitment from us
  • We addressed issues that we normally would not talk about in our day-to-day work. Great job managing a very diverse group
  • You are an excellent facilitator, I enjoyed building our vision statement, you are an excellent facilitator
  •  The small breakout groups were every effective this was a very interactive workshop, how you handled the group was perfect
  • I feel that everyone is gong toward the same purpose—in collaboration and full of great ideas. Loved our workshop with you. Thank you.
  • Thanks for delivering!
  • CONGRATULATIONS, excellent event. Talking about the elephants in the room in such a safe way really helped us come together

“So much of leadership is about facilitating an environment that promotes communication and commitment among stakeholders — at which you are a master. In all of your trainings, I walk away with practical methods that spark passion and dedication… and when needed, help to build consensus.”
– Jenn Hynovan, Communications and Development Director, Fourth Street Clinic, Salt Lake City, Utah

“As a nurse leader I always add to my leadership tool box and knowledge. Recently, I took a three-day workshop on Appreciative Inquiry. I really enjoyed Colette’s teaching style and what I learned. Most importantly, what I learned was highly useful and I was able to apply the principles and practices of appreciative inquiry in my work immediately.  I highly recommend  this Insight Shift workshop to colleagues… especially when there is an interest in going from good to great!
– Gail McGuill, MSN, RN, NEA-BC Senior Nurse Consultant, HealthLinx Consulting Services, Park City, Utah

“We went into our two-day workshop with you as individual professionals and left as a committed, cohesive, focused team. Your evidence- and strengths-based approach, ability to get everyone engaged and energized, while keeping the content relevant to our team, was exceptional!”
– Jean Dyer, RN, Ph.D., Dean, Department of Health Sciences, Misericordia University, Dallas, Pennsylvania

“As a team committed to our development with training programs, Insight Shift’s workshops provided over several years, were the best training programs we have ever experienced. The team learned important skills for working together in new ways. As a result, we function more effectively in our day-to-day operations and serve our patients with even more professionalism and care. When we met by phone with you for individual coaching, it was as valuable as being in the same room with you.”
– Melvin S. Weinberg, DDS, Aventura Dental Associates, Miami, Florida

“While working with Colette during our staff retreat, I was ever impressed by her thoughtful, compassionate, and affirming approach to the difficult situations and challenges posed by the group.  She was a model for applying our individual strengths to each situation, truly helping us identify that our capacity to manage all that came our way could be found within.”
– Keri Jones, Chief Program Officer, YWCA, Salt Lake City, Utah

“The JBAIDS project had tight timelines and many new players so I wanted a way to bring my team and that of the development contractor together to learn about the value of partnering. Your workshop based on the Appreciative Inquiry approach, proved to be just the tool to do that. Since that workshop, I have received numerous compliments on how well the JBAIDS team works together and I certainly feel it is in large part due to the lessons we learned in your workshop.”
– Donna Boston, JBAIDS System Manager, Chemical Biological Medical Systems, Department of Defense, Frederick, Maryland

“The Enneagram Workshop brought us closer together as a team and yielded tremendous insights and results.”
– Dave Livermore, Executive Director, Nature Conservancy, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Thank you for guiding us in a facilitated session on  ‘Creating and Sustaining Extraordinary Care Through Our Full Engagement.’  The discussion highlighted the many positive aspects of our culture that deserve our focus.  The day left us feeling optimistic about what we do best and inspired us to explore opportunities with our strengths in mind.”
– Todd Neubert, MSN, LDS Hospital Nurse Administrator, Salt Lake City, Utah

 What Clients Say About Our Speaking Engagements

“Your insight, knowledge and presentation abilities are wonderful! The time we spent learning with you today was very enlightening and will certainly help our team. I look forward to working with you more in the future.”
– Nancy Neff, CEO, Family Healthcare, St. George, Utah

“The Emotional Intelligence presentation provided by Colette Herrick from Insight Shift at the Utah State Bar was BY FAR one of the most meaningful CLE trainings. It was helpful to me as a lawyer and a manager. It is clear that the skills and traits we learned are those that fundamentally separate the “good” from the “great.”
– Tasi Young, Attorney and Business Owner, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Colette Herrick has been an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Physical Therapy for over five years.  She is an extremely talented presenter who captivates her audience and delivers her message with great enthusiasm and clarity.  It is apparent that she “practices what she preaches” and it is always a joy to listen to her.”
Eduard Gappmaier, PT, PhD, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Utah

“Colette lead an interactive session on Emotional Intelligence for the 2012 National Council for International Visitors’ Western Regional Meeting in June 2012. Working with Colette was a pleasure, both personally and professionally. She is a highly skilled facilitator – creative and analytical; dependable and extremely conscientious; and goal oriented. The workshop was a highlight of the conference and 

it is my pleasure to recommend Colette, and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again soon.”  – Laura Dupuy, Executive Director, Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy, Salt Lake City, Utah 

“Your presentation on how to reduce stress in the workplace at our National Health Care Conference in Washington, DC, included these comments from the physician, nurse and social work professionals who attended: “Excellent presentation,” “Incredible –the didactic and experiential combination was very effective especially for those of us with more ‘scientific medical’ background,… you brought very special gifts,” “Very exciting stuff.”  I highly recommend Colette Herrick on the topic area of stress management.
– Nancy L. Hallock, Conference Coordinator, Washington DC

“As a partner in a busy law firm, Colette’s leadership presentation provided me with straightforward tools that could be implemented with my team as soon as I returned to the office. There were also practices I focused on and applied for more effective leadership and collaboration over time.  After attending her presentation, I recognized the value she could bring to my entire team.  In the last few years, she has made two, multi-day presentations thoughtfully tailored to our needs. We improved our communication skills and that has resulted in greater collaboration and improved work product.  We were a successful team before we worked with Colette, but with her practical tools and our important insights, we are a more fulfilled and effective team.”
–  Linda M. Zimmermann, Markus Williams Young & Zimmermann LLC, Park City, Utah




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