Executive and Leadership Coaching

  • Are you seeking greater results and fulfillment in leadership and life?
  • Are you ready to engage in a transformational leadership learning experience?
  • Are you seeking to develop leaders in your organization?

Coaching is the heart of what we do.

We tailor every coaching program to enhance leadership in ways that make a pragmatic and powerful difference. That’s because we believe there are no “one-size-fits-all” recipes for leadership success.

Each leader’s goals, aspirations, strengths, values, and blind spots are unique  Grounded in a solid understanding of what it means to be an effective leader, we facilitate learning in ways that produce sustainable results. We do this by taking an integral approach to leadership development.

After years of working with diverse leaders, we’ve realized that many people have a lot of confusion about what it means to be a leader. Our perspective on leadership is summed up in this quote:

“There is no difference between becoming an effective leader and becoming a fully integrated human being.”
-Warren Bennis

We know that high-performance leadership at any stage of a leader’s career is possible. Transformational change is possible. We see it every day.

Whether you are an emerging leader in health care or a senior C-level executive in the corporate sector, you can enhance your capacity to lead, relate, achieve, inspire, communicate, excel and thrive – even in a complex, rapidly changing, uncertain environment.  Through coaching, you will gain confidential feedback, insightful distinctions, new skills, and more creative ways of seeing, thinking and engaging.

A Mutual Partnership

Coaching is based on a mutual relationship with both the coach and client working towards the achievement of the coaching outcomes. We consider this relationship to be both a privilege and awesome responsibility. Our commitment is to bring a depth and breadth of professional expertise.

At the same time, what client’s bring to coaching is important. Those who benefit most from an Insight Shift leadership coaching program, hold one or more of these perspectives:

  • High standards of excellence and an interest in bringing forth your best and the best in others;
  • Recognition that learning is a lifelong commitment and being open and eager to learn;
  • Understand that all of life is about relationship, to oneself, to others, and to the world and have a desire to cultivate and maintain quality relationships;
  • Awareness that change is an inside-out job rather than expecting a “quick fix” from the outside and ready to develop new ways of seeing, learning and engaging that will have enduring value long after our work together.

Benefits of Insight Shift’s Executive and Leadership
Coaching Programs

Coaching is an investment, and selecting a coach is an important consideration.  Our clients experience results that matter in their work and their lives outside of work. Years after completing an Insight Shift coaching program, many leaders describe a continuing ability to apply what they learned through coaching within new contexts and to apply this knowledge to meet new challenges both in and outside of work. That is our aim.

Some of the outcomes clients have experienced

  • Better working relationships with direct reports, colleagues and bosses
  • Clearer focus, direction and vision
  • Achievement of professional aspirations
  • Capacity to engage others in ways that build commitment and accountability
  • Courage and authenticity in addressing conflict by getting at assumptions that drive behavior
  • Greater comfort with “not knowing”  and learning from mistakes
  • Enhanced overall performance and achievement of important outcomes
  • Decreased stress, greater resilience and confidence
  • Ability to better understand and manage systemic change
  • Willingness to take strategic risks
  • More self and relationship awareness and ability to consciously act versus react
  • Understanding of the power of inquiry
  • Skill at convening and redirecting conversations from deficits to what is desired
  • Better communication skills; listening, speaking, non-verbal

Some of the outcomes organizations have experienced

  • Managerial and leadership bench strength
  • Support for leaders in new roles with new challenges and the ability to build confidence and competency sooner
  • Retention of high level leaders and teams
  • Leaders strategically shaping their legacies in ways that have an organizational impact
  • Higher engagement, accountability and results
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Health care professionals:

  • Academic, administrative and private practice physicians;
  • Nurse executives, directors and managers;
  • Health care administrators;
  • Allied health care professionals;
  • Health care deans and department chairs.

Professionals from other sectors:

Managers, leaders and educators from corporate, higher education, government and not-for-profit sectors.

We work with clients locally, nationally and internationally

Coaching sessions are conducted both in person and via Skype.  Non-local clients report a valuable coaching experience comparable to our local clients.

Insight Shift’s Coaching Process

It takes time to learn new competencies and engage new ways of seeing, thinking and acting. After coaching hundreds of high-level leaders, we find that clients benefit most from a one-year coaching program. This supports sustainable change and learning, especially for leaders in complex environments.

Here is how a one year program unfolds in three phases.

First phase
Comprehensive interview process and completion and debriefing of a variety of powerful leadership assessments

Leadership Circle Profile (a 360 Assessment)
– SEI Emotional Intelligence Assessment
– other key assessments

These assessments are considered ‘the best-in-class of leadership assessments’ and yield powerful insights into both leadership competencies and perceptions and beliefs that influence results. This phase unfolds over 4-5 sessions.

Second phase
Customized coaching program with a clear purpose and outcomes, selected articles and other coaching resources that support the coaching objectives.

Third phase

  • Twice monthly in-person or telephone coaching sessions up to 90 minutes
  • Follow-up  support after each coaching session
  • Email and phone support between sessions
  • Articles, books, and other coaching resources
  • Complete The Leadership Circle Profile (360 degree feedback report) again at the end of twelve months

Other Coaching Program Options:

Leadership Assessments and Debrief: a 2-3 hour goal setting coaching session to debrief The Leadership Circle Profile and Emotional Intelligence Assessment.

On-Site Leadership Development Intensive: for the leader with acute goals and challenges who requires a more focused and intensive approach to leadership development.



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